Top 5: tips for flying with a baby

Save the bottle or boob for take off

It’ll save your babies ears and if tied with tip 2 it’ll probably send them off for a couple of hours.


Book your flight around nap time

This one's simple but works a trick. Thank us later!


Be prepared

Get military with your planning, than plan some more. Pack that extra dummy and a carry-on full of snacks. Get a new toy and unveil it on the flight. You’ve just bagged yourself 15 minutes.

Expect the worst, hope for the best

Fully prepare yourself for a nightmare and be pleasantly surprised when it’s more than manageable. If your baby cries, it’ll only be for a short time and you’ll most likely never see the people on your flight again.


 Make friends with the cabin crew

They’re experts in the sky but they are also experts at entertaining babies. If your mini is getting restless take them for a walk and the cabin crew will have them smiling again in no time.



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