Top 5: reasons we launched LWS

I’m a mum

Like most mums, I’m obsessed with baby clothes. Enough said.


Make international brands affordable

I bought Sia a $65 set (approx £32.50), which after shipping, international charges, customs and handling fees actually cost me £58. It really surprised me and I got thinking about how I could make international brands more affordable in the UK. We buy wholesale and pay the customs and handling fees on our end which means we can stock international brands at a lower price than buying direct.



We’re big believers in doing what we can for the planet. To us this means buying quality clothes that will last. We only stock brands that use ethical and long lasting fabrics for your minis to grow and play in.


We where ready for a new challenge

Sia came into the world in less than ideal circumstances. I had a long labour, difficult birth (emergency c-section) and a hard recovery (post-partum haemorrhage). Add into the mix colic and acid reflux and let’s just say it took me a while to get the hang of this mama thing. Fast forward a year and a bit, we felt ready as a family to take on something new.


It’s been a dream 

I’ve dreamed of owning an online store for a really long time. Whilst we’re starting teeny tiny we have big plans for the future and we hope you'll join us on the journey.



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